Safety, Quality and Operational Management Solutions for Ground Operations

Calendrier 23/09      Free   

10:00 to 11:00 AM Montréal time

Auteur 3 CA
 presented by  Max CORSI, Judith APA, Pablo CASTRO

About the webinar

Ground handling operations are unique, complex and involve risk to people and high value equipment.  Operations are time sensitive, stressful and with the pressure to deliver a safe and quality product, your safety and quality management plays a significant role

How can we make that easier?  By bringing simple technology to your organization. A turnkey, low cost, easy to use solution that you can implement or integrate into your current system, with no software, hardware or equipment to purchase. From GSE management, auditing checklists, incident accident investigation, to risk management, our many modules are user friendly and accessible using a web based framework. 

Join us to discuss the benefits of digitalization in your ground handling or airline organization, and learn how to effectively manage your safety and quality therefore meeting regulatory needs to do so.  ISAGO certified or plan to be?  Our modules are all built to support the latest edition of the ISAGO program.

The Speakers :

Max Corsi


CEO of Global Aviation Consulting


Judith APA,

Director of Operations at Global Aviation Consulting



Digital transformation Project Director at Bluekango.

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