Risk Assessment:
How to reduce your risk and liabilities?

Calendrier 23/09      Free   

03:00 PM to 04:00 PM Singapore time

Sabine jacky
 presented by  Sabine RAMAKER & Jacky LIU

About the webinar

Risk assessments are a useful tool to determine potential workplace safety and health risks for both employees and customers in your stores. It is a cornerstone of the workplace safety and health framework to foster an accident-prevention culture.

Risk management involves:

  • Conducting risk assessments of work activities.
  • Controlling and monitoring the risks of work activities.
  • Communicating the risks to all stakeholders.


Join us in this webinar as our experts will show you how your workplace must conduct regular risk assessments to identify the source of risks. After that, you should take reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the risks.

About the speakers


Sabine Ramaker – Managing Principal
Sabine is a Managing Principal specializing in Industrial Safety and EHS Management, being responsible for the development of the Safety, Health and Risk business area in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Sabine provides high level technical and scientific support regarding complex safety, health and risk projects and studies throughout Southeast Asia.

Jacky LIU

Jacky Liu – EHS Consultant
Jacky is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Consultant for ESC providing regulatory advice, helpdesk, risk assessment and BizSafe3 support. Jacky also helps companies leverage digitalization to support their compliance activities.

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