Auditor & Auditee:
How innovation can be your ally for successful audits?

Calendrier 29/09 - 9 am London time - 4 pm Singapore time





Youssef nv
 Youssef Nohra


About the webinar

Let’s be honest! No one enjoys audits! However, they are important and necessary. Internal audits can help improve a company's processes and procedures, while external audits are important in the process of obtaining a certification or an international standard. There are many types of audits, financial, quality, and many more.

Audits should be looked upon as the ideal time for employees and managers to exchange information and knowledge in order to improve their performance.

With the start/end of every cycle/year depending on the management of each company audits are scheduled and performed.

During this webinar we will be discussing:

  • Why do we perform audits?
  • Who performs them?
  • How to be fully prepared?
  • How innovation can be brought to audits?


Innovation is brought thanks to new emerging technologies and tools. Auditors and auditees can save enormous amounts of time while preparing for audits!


About the speakers

  • Youssef nv
    Youssef NOHRA

    Quality & EHS specialist and Content Manager at BlueKanGo