Objective-Centric Risk Management:
How does it apply to the area of health and safety ?

Calendrier 18/10 - 9 am Montreal - 14 pm London time





Tim et Nan
 Tim Leech & Nan Ra


About the webinar

HEALTH and SAFETY experts are constantly striving to make their organization safer without hampering productivity. Today, companies have to deal with risks that can, directly and indirectly, affect their activities.

The global risk management standard, ISO 31000 2018, defines risk as “the effect of uncertainty on objectives”. The last few years have shown that a degree of uncertainty is constantly on the lookout for organizations. HEALTH and SAFETY have never been more important in all aspects and seem to be the backbone of successful business models.

What is the application of objective-centric risk management in the area of HEALTH and SAFETY?

This webinar will feature Mr. Tim Leech, an expert in objective-centric risk and certainty Management. His work in the area of strategy and risk governance has been recognized by articles published by prestigious universities, including Harvard, Columbia Universities, and the London School of Economics.

If you want to learn from an expert that pioneered objective-centric risk, register for this webinar!

About the speakers

  • Tim
    Tim Leech

    Expert in objective-centric risk and certainty Management - Managing Director at Risk Oversight Solutions Inc.

  • Nan
    Nan Ra
    QMS Specialist and Content Manager at BlueKanGo