Risk Management:
set up ACTIONS to prevent REACTIONS!

Calendrier 31/03 - 9 am London Time / 4 pm Singapore time


youssef et jacky
  Youssef NOHRA & Jacky LIU


About the webinar

The global pandemic that has been around for the last 2 years, has underlined the importance of risk management in companies. This situation obliged companies to react and adapt their risk assessment grids.

Our workplace and our jobs are in constant evolution. With new technologies, new risks emerge! The employer and his safety team should be always on high alert to keep the risk assessment template and the action plan updated.

The action plan and the risk assessment template are the center of risk management. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and update them regularly

During this webinar we will be discussing: 

  • How to save time in risk management? 
  • The interest of correlating action plan and risk analysis grids?
  • Optimise your risk management with a digital tool!

About the speakers


Youssef NOHRA - Quality & EHS specialist and Content Manager |BlueKanGo

Jacky LIU

Jacky LiuEHS Professional and Digital EHS Solutions Expert | ESC


  • DATE:
    Thursday 31st march 2022
  • HOUR:
    9 am London Time / 4 pm Singapore time
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