Safety Conversations: 
LISTEN to them, don’t just HEAR them!

Calendrier 25/01 - 9 am london time - 5 pm Singapore time





Youssef nv
 Youssef Nohra


About the webinar

The effectiveness of a great health and safety program relies on good communication between, on one hand, managers and their employees and, on the other hand, the EHS managers and all the operational staff. Stepping out on the field and exchanging with the operational staff is the best feedback an EHS manager can ever have to improve safety procedures.

These conversations must be integrated into the functions of the EHS department as they will guarantee not only the health and safety of all employees but also it is about the control of equipment and the protection of the environment. Therefore Safety Conversations can have an important impact on many levels!

During the webinar we will be talking about:

  • Different topics related to the staff’s daily activities
  • The position and the views of an EHS manager
  • The employees' role regarding their safety
  • and many more…


About the speaker

  • Youssef nv
    Youssef NOHRA

    Quality & EHS specialist and Content Manager at BlueKanGo